Canada FASD Research Network –
The Canada FASD Research Network (CanFASD) (formerly known as the Canada Northwest FASD Research Network) is a formally and informally connected group of professionals from a range of research sciences across Canada. Their mission is to create a collaborative environment to produce research leading to FASD prevention and significant improvement in the lives of affected individuals, families, and communities.

Online Resources for Professionals:

A letter for teachers, from a young man affected by FASD:

Our friends at Lakeland Centre for FASD have some excellent resources for schools and employers working with individuals with FASD:

*You can borrow many of these resources for free from their office. Call 403-652-4776.

Learn more about what the province of Alberta is doing to help reduce the incidence of FASD, and gain more information about this disability:

Myles Himmelreich and FASD –

Living With FASD Calgary John Howard –

Keira and FASD –

The Provincial Outreach Program for FASD On Youtube

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